Apartment Building Falls Over In China

To be fair the building was under construction and thus unoccupied but it039s still a minor miracle that there was only. Improper handling of earth from an excavation project near the 13 storey apartment was the cause of the collapse of the building that killed a construction worker.

Nine Held Over Shanghai Building Collapse Telegraph

apartment building falls over in china

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Buildings have been known to fall down but how can an entire apartment building fall over almost intact.

Apartment building falls over in china. Message claims that a series of attached images show a 13 story apartment building that toppled over in china due to major construction errors. Nine held over shanghai building collapse the chinese authorities are holding nine people in connection with the collapse of a 13 storey block of flats raising fresh questions about corruption. Apartment building in shanghai topples over truth.

This is a forwarded email with amazing photos of an apartment building lying on its side. In the weekends bizarrest news a nearly finished newly constructed building in shanghai toppled over killing one worker. Chow how ban reports from.

This past saturday an entire apartment building in shanghai collapsed. Nearly finished apartment building falls over in china. The images are genuine and the claims in the message are true.

The building being constructed at the lotus riverside residential complex on the outskirts of shanghai. The email says the photo is of a 12 story building in china that toppled over after work began to build an adjacent underground parking structure. Chinese state media say a 13 storey apartment building under construction in shanghai has toppled over almost intact killing one worker.

As can be seen in the photo below the 13 story apartment building. June 27 2009.

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