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I saw this gorgeous stockholm apartment on apartment therapy this week and thought now that is a tiny home i could be down with ive seen so many tiny home shows on hgtv which really seem like a crock. It was previously the parlor of a ship captains home from the 1800s and features.

House Tour A Dreamy 400 Square Foot Brooklyn Studio Apartment

apartment therapy 400 square feet

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In this apartment its almost as if the back of the sofa extends to the ceiling thereby separating the living room from the bedroom.

Apartment therapy 400 square feet. Molly knows a thing or two about small space living. We gathered a list of our top 10 tiny apartments on freshome under 500 square feet and love what we found. Shes used all the square feet in her home from corner to corner and top to bottom.

The best way to find ideas is by looking at examples and we found the perfect one. Here at apartment therapy we write about tiny houses a whole lot. We love what at brianamcnamara has done with 400 square feet.

And we have more than enough of these tiny apartments waiting to give us inspiration right on our own website. A tiny studio in austin texas. And though its a challenge its a challenge she enjoys tackling.

To bring the home to life. Living in just 400 square feet of space is challenging no matter how you put it. You have to use every trick in the book if you want to make it work and if you want the space to feel like home.

103k likes 68 comments apartment therapy at apartmenttherapy on instagram. Click the link in our bio to see more. When adrianna a display artist and craig a teacher and editor bought their apartment it was a bare white and bright space that felt outdated and in need of change.

The colors that fill this small spaceall 400 square feet or so of itare inspired by the hues found. How is it possible to live in 200 square feet with someone else nevermind two. Shes been renting this lovely studio apartment since her arrival in los angeles five years ago.

Apartment therapy is a home and. Though only 400 square feet this home feels welcoming and livable due to the placement of key furniture pieces and the way that those placements create distinct spaces within the room. 500 square feet may not seem like a lot of space.

A 400 square foot apartment filled with color. Apartment therapy this home in brooklyn ny fell into the teeny tiny category at just 350 square feet. 400 square feet doesnt sound like a whole lot of room but in this case a clever floorplan and an attention to detail makes it feels very spacious roomy enough for one or even for two people who like each other a lot.

But to some its more than enough to create a comfortable and welcoming home.

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